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How do X-rays see through your skin ?

X Rays (radiographs) are the most important and widely used diagnostic imaging tool to check out internal structure of your body whitout making any incesion. The most common usage of it, is in detecting bone fractures and tumours . The intended part of the body, is...

How do your kidneys work?

Kidneys are bean-shaped, very complex organ of human body. They occur in pair, each about a size of respective individual's fist. Each individual needs at least one kidney to stay alive. They play a very important role in the day to day functioning of our body. They...

How Do Braces Work?

Dental Braces: Braces are suggested to patients who are facing misalignment of teeth . The dental braces are a dental device fixed by an orthodontist or any well trained dentist. In this process every single section of the braces are placed at the right position...

How does anesthesia work?


Why Do We Age ?